Secure, Convenient, Rewarding

At Coin, we are driven to provide our customers with security and convenience in their purchases. In our previous post, we showed the benefits of Coin 2.0 as a smart payment device that is compatible with both magnetic stripe and EMV/NFC systems. Today, we’re excited to announce the Coin Rewards program, which gives cash back for everyday purchases.


Now available on the latest iOS Coin 2.0 app, Coin Rewards enable earning for everyday purchases like coffee. Simply activate the reward you want, pay how you usually do, and immediately receive cash back in the form of gift cards.


Unlock more rewards when you order Coin.

With Coin Rewards, Coin pays for itself.


Coin Rewards For Everyday Purchases

From buying morning coffee to eating out with friends, Coin users have made over 2.5 million transactions. Based on the successful experiences people are sharing with us, we are building Coin Rewards to support the fun lives that our customers lead with a patent-pending intelligent method.

Rewards-Activate 4.png

Coin Rewards is a nationwide program with rewards available based on your location. Examples of Coin Rewards in the Bay Area include $5 for purchasing coffee or dining out at any restaurant. Additional Coin Rewards will roll out in the coming weeks and months.

To see your Coin Rewards, make sure to update to the newly released Coin 2.0 app and look for the cash symbol at the bottom of your screen. We are working on bringing Coin Rewards to our Android app as well.



If you don’t have a Coin yet, you can order your Coin 2.0 now. Order by November 25th to receive by Christmas!