We'd like to begin by saying thank you to those of you who’ve been patiently waiting to receive your Coin. We are very pleased to report that we’ve scaled our production to ship over 80,000 Coin devices in the first four months. Shipping, however, is not without challenges - recently, super-typhoon Soudelor closed our Asia-based factories for several days. Unfazed, our manufacturing team worked day and night to ensure that we continue to deliver Coins as quickly as possible to our backers.  If you are waiting for your Coin and want to check the status, please message us here.

What really keeps us going and excited is seeing how our customers engage with our product:

We’re continuing to improve Coin every day. While Coin is compatible with a large number of payment systems, it is not compatible with some. In the interim, we’re launching a new Merchant Compatibility feature that will notify users if the location is known to not be compatible with Coin. We will continue to enrich the data in this system and also enable our users to provide their own feedback on merchant compatibility as well. We understand that giving users visibility and informed choice on where to use their Coin is critical. The Merchant Compatibility feature is already rolled out in updates to the Coin app on both iOS and Android.

Another step towards closing the gap on merchant acceptance is improvement in how Coin can be read across additional POS terminals. Our team is already hard at work to get acceptance to new heights in 2016. We'll provide an upgrade path to our customers as we improve our software and hardware.

We want to end by again thanking you, our users, for your patience and support questions as we deliver Coin. Based on your feedback, the team is developing improvements and releasing new features. We will have another update next week with some exciting news.