Starting today, Coin 2.0 is now available for purchase on Amazon Launchpad. Ordering Coin 2.0 is an easy one-click to your Amazon cart, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of Amazon’s free expedited shipping. Purchasing a Coin 2.0 now through Amazon Prime means that you will get a Coin in your hands this week.  


To celebrate our selection in Amazon Launchpad’s innovative program for cutting-edge products, we are releasing a new video on our Amazon product page. Visit our Amazon page to watch three of Coin’s users describe how Coin simplifies their lives. We look forward to providing the same value to even more people through Amazon Launchpad.


(click on the "1+" of the product thumbnails to see the video)

(click on the "1+" of the product thumbnails to see the video)




Q: What is the shipping time for Coin orders from Amazon?
A: If you order a Coin on Amazon, you can expect delivery from one of Amazon’s nationwide distribution centers within Amazon’s standard shipping time. Prime customers can receive free 2-day shipping.   

Q: Can I purchase a Coin as a gift on Amazon?
A: Yes, to purchase Coin as a gift, simply enter the recipient's shipping address at checkout. When the recipient receives their Coin, they can register their information through the Coin mobile app.

Q: Where is my Coin that I pre-ordered from the crowdfunding campaign?
A: Coin 2.0 began shipping at the end of August to pre-orders who completed the order process. To receive a Coin, you must confirm/verify your current shipping address. Please fill out this form.